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New Generation Water Treatment

New Generation Water Treatment by PureAir is an environmentally friendly, advanced water treatment solution that removes and prevents scale and disinfect safely. The treatment promotes general health of your cooling towers.
Our scale inhibitor and water conditioner works differently from conventional solutions in the market, composed mainly of inorganic components. It is highly capable of safely and efficiently removing silica scale that is known to be difficult to handle and blocks heat transfer.
Chlorine dioxide solution is non explosive and corrosive, designed to be a safer solution for your water system. A state of the art water treatment technology that disinfects 99.9% without producing by products that are hazardous to human health.
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Scale Inhibitor & Water Conditioner

Chlorine Dioxide 

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Energy Saving Cooling Tower

Buildings and process cooler systems rely on cooling towers to dissipate additional heat. In a cooling tower system, the heat exchanger surfaces are vulnerable to different types of fouling. The most common type of fouling is scaling, which usually involves the gradual development of a layer of minerals. When scale adheres to the heat exchanger of a cooling tower, cooling efficiency is greatly reduced, resulting in wasteful consumption of electricity. The health of your cooling tower water systems ensures maximum efficiency.

Disinfection could only help to prevent issues from worsening. If your current concerns are still persisting despite proper treatment, it could very much be due to the wear and tear of the Cooling Tower which cannot be solved simply through periodic disinfection. Prolonged everyday usage and improper water treatment of your Cooling Tower system may result in corrosion and inefficient heat exchange.

As a cooling tower supplier, PureAir (Asia) have a rich history in the engineering of cooling tower components and complete cooling towers. We believe in a comprehensive solution is necessary for Cooling Tower System optimisation. As the sole distributor in Singapore, PureAir provides your site the key for energy saving industrial water solutions.

According to NEA’s published Code of Practice for control of legionella bacteria in cooling towers, the owner or occupier of any designated area where a cooling tower or water fountain is installed shall ensure that the cooling tower or water fountain which is in use is — at all times kept in a good state of repair and free of any sludge, slime, algae, fungi, rust, scale, dust, dirt or any foreign matter. Scale and Bio fouling remains a common problem in Singapore cooling systems. The humidity and heat of our environment promotes the build-up of scale on a heat exchange surface, drastically reducing the normal heat exchange levels. Eventually, the growing scale layer will impact system performance, with detrimental effects.

Many of our clients come to us in search of an effective solution which requires low maintenance on their part. PureAir (Asia) understands our clients and seeks long term solutions for them. Being an expert in every step of your site optimisation, we offer advice customised for your site and system. From the replacement of parts and machinery itself to the after care of your Cooling Tower, the team at PureAir stays committed. Optimal condition of water in cooling tower can be achieved and maintained.

Contact us with your Cooling Tower queries now and you can greatly improve the heat exchanger effectiveness and achieve substantial energy savings. This contributes to lower operating costs for your site.