Services & Maintenance

List of Cooling Tower Treatment Companies in (SG) Singapore

Services and Maintenance

PureAir (Asia) specialises in the service and maintenance of Cooling Tower, Chilled Water treatment, Compressed Air and Energy Flow Management, Air Disinfection using leading UV Technology and Air Filtration.

PureAir (Asia) has a team of trained engineers whom deliver exceptional professional Service and Maintenance on:

-    Cooling Tower and Condenser water treatment

-    Chilled Water System water treatment

-    Side Stream Filtration system for condenser and chilled water system

-    Permanent Online Monitoring for compressed air flow, pressure, temperature,

      electricity, Cooling system, steam etc.

-    Energy Audits for compressed air, pressure, temperature, electricity, Cooling system,

      steam etc.

-    Catalytic PureAir Air Purifier

-    Fogging on AHU, Duct Systems and Enclosed spaces

-    UV disinfection system for AHU Duct

Our dedicated professionals understand the complexity of your industrial processes and offer accurate troubleshooting expertise for your needs.

Should you have any questions or emergency concerns with regards to your systems, our customer service representatives are always ready to assist you. Contact us at +65 6452 0801 or email us at now!