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VPFlowScope M

PureAir supplies gas flow meters which offer industrial customers easy insight into gas flows. We believe that industrial gas and energy monitoring should be easy and effortless to enable insight, savings and optimisation. You can locate in which areas of your factory you have large leakages, saving you time to find and fix them. So, rest assured in the knowledge that your gas flow system is being monitored.

VPInstruments products are recommended by leading energy professionals worldwide and offer the most complete measurement solution for compressed air flow, gas flow and electric energy consumption. VP gas flow meters combine an extremely large measurement range with integrated direction sensitivity. This patented feature enables you to measure both in loop networks and in systems with air receivers, which used to be very difficult to assess. With our gas flow meters, flow direction is no longer a mystery. Our monitoring software VPVision can be used for all utilities and enables you to see where, when and how much you can save. PureAir supplies products can be found all over the world. We serve all industrial markets such as Automotive, Glass manufacturing, Metal processing, Food and beverage and Consumer Goods.

It is very crucial to plan your compressed air systems, permanent monitoring insights using the gas flow meters can lead to substantial annual savings. We can help your industry too. Let us help you to start saving energy and gain insights into compressed air and the great savings you can reap.

Congratulations! You purchased the easiest to use and most complete compressed air measurement tool in the world. With the VPFlowScope M, you can monitor flow, pressure, temperature, and total air consumption, simultaneously. The optional data logger enables you to record all 4 parameters.

With the introduction of the VPFlowScope M, re-calibration becomes history. Unlike traditional flow meters, the VPFlowScope M does not require traditional re-calibration. Instead, the VPFlowScope M consists of a transmitter in combination with the patented VPSensorCartridge which reduces re calibration to a simple exchange.

But there is more to the VPFlowScope M:

  • Three in one: flow, pressure and temperature simultaneously
  • Wide measurement range (1:300)
  • 2% reading accuracy on flow
  • Ultra compact size and low weight
  • Optional direction measurement
  • Optional display
  • Optional data logger
  • Optional Wi-Fi
We can help your energy industry too.
Let us help you to open your eyes and start saving energy.
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Flowscope M
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