Ithair Dryers & Filter Systems


Ithair has designed and manufactured a new range of refrigerated compressed air dryer that provide a combination of technology and simplicity.
The main features are:
•   Low pressure drop
•   High technology ultra compact aluminium heat exchanger
•   Easy maintenance
•   Oversize component
PureAir has a long standing relationship with Ithair to provide the most suitable Filters, Accessories and Cyclone Separators for your compressed air needs. We have different series meant to target different concerns of your sites, and our engineers are professionally trained to provide you with suited recommendations. Don't hesitate to seek assistance for your filtration problems, as it could greatly affect site efficiency!
ECA After Cooler Gold Series
ECA Water Cooler Gold Series
Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
FT, WS Series - Compressed Air Filters
G Series - Compressed Air Filters