VP Instruments

VP Instruments

VPInstruments offers industrial customers easy insight into energy flows. We believe that industrial energy monitoring should be easy and effortless to enable insight, savings and optimisation.

VPInstruments products are recommended by leading energy professionals worldwide and offer the most complete measurement solution for compressed air flow, gas flow and electric energy consumption. Our monitoring software VPVision can be used for all utilities and enables you to identify where, when and how much you can save in your gas flow systems. Our products can be found all over the world. We serve all industrial markets;

For example:
- Automotive
- Glass manufacturing,
- Metal processing,
- Food & beverage and consumer goods.

We can help your compressed air industry too.
Let us help you to open your eyes and start saving energy.
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Flowscope M
Flowscope In-line
Dew point sensor
Hot Tap Drill 
Pressure Sensor
Vision M Main cabinet